• …translating and communicating business ideas (selling points) through designs, turning them into functional masterpieces for marketing & promotional use.

  • A professional design services entity with focus on
    graphics design services

Who We Are

A professional design services firm with focus on graphics design, brand advisory and identity management, print brokerage, customisation and media production services.

We aim at building relationship with organisations, believing that the essence of building such relationship is the quality of service and the expertise that we provide. We combine expertise and sound industry knowledge with focus on excellent delivery to set the pace.


Our innovative and dynamic ‘Creative Concepts for Business’ takes your message and breathes new life into it by creating eye-catching and relevant up-to-date graphic design. Whether you need a simple business card or a complex graphic design program of marketing and communications pieces, we have the artistry and technical expertise to get the job done.

We design and create custom business and marketing tools that help build a company’s brand identity and ultimately their business. Our design service engagements are project-based or retainer-ship.


Our deep knowledge of design and versatile print production processes have given us a great advantage in this area. We instinctively proffer solutions to process difficulties.

We strive to master colours and substrates, and constantly advise clients on the best type of printing to achieving specific results and manage costs. These have resulted in requisite experience and capabilities to deliver excellent and high-quality print services.


The look and feel of brand visual identity must be right. Elements such as the logo, colours, typography and imagery should maintain a consistent appeal. In this regard, we interact constantly with organisations to understand their operating models (brand behaviours) and objectives, identify and advise on design and production options and to strictly guide against misuse of these elements.

Our approach is designed to ensure a thorough internal checks and compliance process that will set rules and definitions on how to consistently adhere to, and project those elements in both internal and external communications.

How we see our business

Our vision is to translate and communicate business ideas (selling points) through designs, turning those ideas into functional masterpieces.


We focus our commitment on translating and communicating business ideas through designs, turning those ideas into functional master pieces thereby, helping businesses obtain the right printing services and products they need and to portray their brands and identity by using our sound professional and technical skills.



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